Difference Between Synthetic And Regular Oil Filters

Difference Between Synthetic And Regular Oil Filters

Oil filters are the best to remove all the contaminations like dirt, carbon, sand, etc from oil. As with the advancement of engines, the demand and need for the oil filter have also changed. Apparently, all the oil filters look identical but they work differently with different oils and engines. 

Consequently, we can categorize oil filters in different categories because of compatibility with oil, engine, and vehicles. In this regard, there are oil filters like synthetic, regular, or conventional oil filters of many brands. But here comes a question of is the difference between synthetic and regular (conventional) oil filters.

 Well,  We are going to discuss the major differences between synthetic and regular (conventional) oil filters. Other than this, we already discussed the types of oil filters in our article the best oil filters in detail.

 Here,  A brief comparison of the synthetic and regular oil filter is mentioned in the chart below.

Manufactured by synthetic mediaManufactured by paper pleated media
Best use for refined oilBest use with all types of oils
Long term service lifeShort term service life
Need to change after a periodNeed to change early than synthetic oil filters
Decontaminated even tiny particles of dust, dirt, and carbon, etc.Not so good in decontamination
Clean even 15 to 20 micronClean 5,000 micron

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In essence, synthetic oil filters are far better than regular or conventional oil filters in terms of working capacity and decontamination. Moreover, synthetic oil filters are best in the refinement process over molecular size and purity. Because of that engine performance enhances and lowers the friction rate.  

The advantages of synthetic oil filters:

Synthetic media and oil technology were first invented in 1929. As we mentioned above synthetic oil filters are more competent than regular oil filters. So here are some more brief advantages of synthetic oil filters: 

  1. It provides uniform molecular size particles which produce less friction in the engine.
  2. It has additives boost technology that provides protection and a clean engine.
  3. Synthetic oil filters are designed to hold more pressure. It allows them better work in extreme weather.
  4. It provides cleaner oil by decontaminated all impurities from the oil.

Do we need to use synthetic oil filters with synthetic oils:

Synthetic oils are based on cutting-edge technology and recommended by most car companies. But it is not necessary to use synthetic oil filters, particularly with synthetic oils. All kinds of oil filters can go with synthetic oils. Although to take all advantages of synthetic oils it is suggested to use compatible oil filters with synthetic oils.

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