gas filter/stainless steel filter

Product name: stainless steel power, stainless steel power

Product description: Stainless steel oil power, stainless steel power sus304, 304L, SUS316, 316L stainless steel perforated mesh, stainless steel dense mesh.

Products: stainless steel punching mesh as support mesh, dense mesh use occasions, hydrogen arc welding method, durable process.
stainless steel power
stainless steel power
stainless steel power
Product Specifications:

  1. Stainless steel oil and stainless steel can be sized, required filtration precision, filter customers, and withstand pressure, according to construction pressure.
  2. Filtration accuracy (μm) 2—200.

Main use: used for filtration in food, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, chemical products and other industries.

  1. Stainless steel essential oil and stainless steel have absolutely no material pattern.
  2. High temperature resistance, can work safely for a long time at the temperature of -270-400 ℃. No matter it is high temperature or low temperature, the material will not precipitate harmful substances, and the material performance is stable.

3, especially easy to clean, very long.

  1. Stainless steel oil and stainless steel have high resistance and are not easy to be damaged.