Application fields


  1. Metallurgy: It is used in the filtration of hydraulic system of steel rolling mill and continuous casting machine, and the filtration of various lubrication equipment.
  2. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in the process of oil refining and chemical production, and filtration of oilfield injection well water and natural gas in addition to particles.
  3. Textile: purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the process of wire drawing, protection filtration of air compressor, oil and water removal of compressed gas.
  4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pre-treatment filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pre-treatment filtration of washing liquid and glucose.
  5. Thermal and nuclear power: purification of lubrication system, speed control system and bypass control system oil of gas turbine and boiler, purification of feed pump, fan and dust removal system.
  6. Mechanical processing equipment: lubrication system and compressed air purification of paper-making machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machine and large precision machinery, dust recovery and filtration of tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment.
  7. Railway internal combustion engines and generators: lubricant and oil filtration.
  8. Automobile engines and construction machinery: air filter, oil filter, fuel filter for internal combustion engines, hydraulic oil filter, diesel filter and water filter for construction machinery, ships and heavy vehicles.
  9. All kinds of lifting and handling operations: lifting, loading and other construction machinery to fire, maintenance, handling and other special vehicles, ship’s cargo lifter, anchor, blast furnace, steelmaking equipment, ship locks, ship door opening and closing devices, theater lifting and elevating the pool and elevating the stage, all kinds of automatic conveyor lines, and so on.


LF3345 ,LF3349,LF691A,LF3883,WF2126,AF25708M,FS19925,FS1000,FS1006,FS1280,FS1242,AF872,AF25544/AF25545,



Atlas Copco:

1612386900 , 1613750200 , 2901034300 , 1622007900 , 2901077900 , 1613243300 , 2901007800 , 1613688000 , 2901021300 , 1613839700 , 2901056600 , 1613730600 , 2901007000 , 1613800700 , 2901043200 , 1613955900 , 1613984000 , 1614642300 , 2906009800 , 1614905400 , 2906056400 , 1614905600

Ingersoll Rand:

39751391、39760590、39739578、39726286、39586292、89202022、89264774、89285761、8929561、89285779、92128883、92699198、99246092、92715440、92754688、92754696、92765783、92824473、92871326、99247017、92888262、92890334、93188019、94749247、42843797、98262120、99242281、22111975B、22219174、54509427、54509435、54509500、54595442、54601513、39416144、54641519、54721345、22402259、35296920、35358332、35838606、35856376、35858768、35858786、36754406、35858927、36743847、36754406、36762250、36762250B、36770683、36866218、36876472、36891315、38008587、38008597、9928085、4284242、42546259、42545368、42542787、42361196、42361204、39906334、39903265、39900923、39894597、39895610、39891888、39890660、39869706、39863899、39863865、39863857、39863840、39846787、39843693、39831920、39831912、39831904、39831888、54749247、39831888、39751391、92754688、42841239、39894597、54601513、42841247、54509427、39863865、92699198、92062132、39831920、54509500、39890600、39863840、54749247、39831888、39751391、92754688、42841239、39894597、54601513、42841247、54509427、39863865、92699198、92062132、39831920、54509500、92765783 39890600、39863840、54601513

6.4273.0 6.3669.0 6.2132.0 6.1961.0 6.4507.0.G1 


Common sense of good and bad filters

All filters are to protect the engine parts, clean the role of prolonging the life of the engine, from a variety of filters and filter the surface of the use of the filter time is not correct, really determine the quality of the filter is good or bad, first of all, should be considered from the following aspects:

1, filter paper quality

Good quality filter paper and poor quality filter paper, from the surface is almost the same, only professional factory inspection equipment under the test, there can be a clear difference between the quality of the filter paper is related to the efficiency of the filter, the quality of the filter paper filtered into the system of impurities, iron, dust and dirt things are more, the quality of the poor filter paper filtered impurities, iron, dust and dirt things are less, can not protect the role of the engine-related The engine parts are easy to wear.

2, the filtering efficiency of the filter

Mainly by the filter paper used in the filter quality is good or bad decision, the filter filtration efficiency of the filter to reach 96% or more is considered to be qualified products, at the same time, in the same place, the use of different manufacturers of filters are not the same effect, the obvious difference in the engine starting, driving, the driver’s feeling of the engine and the size of the smoke of the exhaust gas, the engine in the repair of the engine to see the wear and tear of the parts have a clear difference.

3, filter paper and end cap bonding material

With good quality filter paper, but also good quality adhesive, such as the choice of improper, the filter paper in the filter and the upper and lower end caps are not firmly bonded, in the use of oil in the process of easy to fall off, no adhesive, resulting in short-circuit, can not play the role of filtration.

4, the assurance of the production process

From the surface, the filter paper and the filter paper can not be adhesive, must be seen under the light translucent. If you can not see the translucent in the light, the adhesion between the filter paper will affect the flow of the entire air filter cake, short life, resulting in insufficient power, powerlessness, not easy to remove the dust in the cleaning process. Good air filter is not sticking between the filter paper, with strong translucency, suitable for engine air intake standards, long service life, easy to clean.

5, air filter process

Selection of high-quality materials for the production of filters, the production process is to ensure that the quality of the product is good or bad backing. Filter production links are more, how to ensure that the filter in the use of the process of protection, purification, but also to ensure that the flow, to ensure that the engine is running normally, it is necessary to ensure that each link in the production process of technology.



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