Why Oil Filters are Important For Vehicles?

As we review the oil filters in an extensive way but here comes a question first; why a good oil filter is important for vehicles. So, we all know, a good quality oil filter is necessary for the life of the car’s engine. A bad quality oil filter damages the car’s engine and fails the parts.

Oil filter and oil both are important for the protection of the lubricating system of vehicle engines. The oil contains many unnecessary and contaminated particles. And an oil filter helps in removing all the particles. By the same token, a good oil filter with a proper fit is essential for the life of your vehicle. In brief, An oil filter is important for vehicles because:

  1. A good quality oil filter always protects the engine.
  2. It always maintains the quality of oil while removing all contaminants. 
  3. All in all, it improves the efficiency of the vehicle for a smooth experience

Features for a good oil filter:

Nevertheless, there are some important things to consider while choosing an oil filter for your vehicle. Consequently, here is the list of these features: 

3.1. Compatibility

First of all, While buying an oil filter the first thing to consider is compatibility. Oil filters should be reliable and exact fit with the oil type and engine. Before buying it is mandatory to check the description of the selected oil filter.

3.2. Design

Subsequently, the design of an oil filter plays an essential role in durability and long service. The good oil filter contains an anti back drain valve, pressure holding body, adhesive central tubes for extreme conditions. In essence, The design of an oil filter determines the durability and reliability of engines.

3.3. Working Capacity with mileage and oil type

Lastly, all oil filters are not for all types of oils. So when you consider an oil filter you must know the difference between oil types. There are different oil filters for synthetic, semi-synthetic, and blended oil go for the compatible oil filters. Meanwhile, mileage is also important for an oil filter. High-performance oil filters probably have a mileage capacity of 15,000 to above. On the other hand, a normal oil filter may have a mileage capacity of 5,000 distance coverage. Last but not least, you should consider all these features while choosing an oil filter for cars or other vehicles.

Types of Oil Filters

In general, oil filters are categorized into different types because of oil type compatibility or vehicle specification. For your better understanding, major types of oil filters areas:

4.1. Primary oil filters

Firstly, Primary oil filters are also known as full-flow filters. Because they decontaminated all the oil in the engine. Correspondingly, these oil filters are found as OEM parts and responsible for high-level efficiency. In essence, they have 95 % filtration efficiency all in all. Identically, these types of filters are best designed to prevent all kinds of engine clogged.

4.2. Secondary oil filters

Secondly, Secondary oil filters are typically filters for cars. In the first place, these kinds of filters work independently and clean 10 percent of motor oil. Later on, that clean oil also rerouted to the engine. In short, these oil filters remove extra contaminants from the engine. But these filters are not best suited for passenger vehicles.

4.3. Conventional Oil filters

Thirdly, These oil filters are formulated by using cellulose media. Cellulose media is better but not as good as synthetic oil media filters. Comparatively, these oil filters are not best designed for long services. On the other hand, these are capable of decontaminating even tiny dirt particles for oil.

4.4. Spinner oil filters

Fourthly, As the name suggests spinner oil filters clean all the contaminations by spinning rapidly. It is formulated by two main media parts; filtering membrane and housing chamber. These filters are also known as spin-on oil filters. Although, these are the best oil filters for cars.

4.5. Magnetic Oil filters

Fifthly, magnetic oil filters are best used for the removal of metal contaminations. Besides, replacing these oil filters are needed to clean. These oil filters are not good for the removal of non-metallic particles in general.

Best oil filter brands:

Furthermore, there are certain brands that make the best filters for cars and vehicles. For your feasibility, we are giving you an overview of the most compatible oil filter brands subsequently:

5.1. Bosch Premium Oil Filters

Bosch oil filter brand is linked with a German company. The best feature of oil filters of this brand is they are truly designed for the protection of the engine.  Bosch filters are best engineered to protect against engine failure because of dirt particles. In conclusion, Bosch Premium oil filters always fit the same way OE filters. Furthermore, they are also utilized for blended-media filtration and protection.

5.2. Motorcraft oil filters

Motorcraft oil filters are also the most loved oil filter brand in terms of high-quality filtration. It protects the engine from all contaminants such as dust, carbons, and all kinds of metals from oil. In regard to this pressure relief valve also helps in the recirculation of oil in the engine. Moreover, a steel case body holds a lot of pressure and makes Motorcraft oil filters more durable.

5.3. FARM oil filters

FARM oil filters are best known for synthetic oil filters. Firstly, oil filters by this brand provide lubricated gasket seals for easy install and removal. It gives a larger area and the best filtration capacity with amazing mileage coverage.

5.4. Other Brands

Other than the above-discussed brands there are also many other good brands available in the market. Already, we have discussed a few of them in this article. It is worthy to remember, a good oil filter is always the product of a good oil filter brand. Whenever you want to buy an oil filter for your car choose the good filter brand for a comfortable experience.

Oil filter media

We already discussed the design of an oil filter plays a very crucial role in the performance. For now, it is obligatory to get an understanding of the media of the oil filter you want to buy. In case you might be asking yourself about a better choice of oil filter for your vehicle. Always first get proper knowledge about its media. Now there are three kinds of materials generally use in an oil filter.

1. Cellulose

Every oil filter has its own capabilities but cellulose media holding oil filters are easily disposable. With this in mind, it can trap all the contaminations with a range of 8 to 10 microns. Subsequently which means cellulose media oil filters can clean up 40 % oil in total. That’s why it’s the mileage is about 35,00 miles which causes early replacement of these oil filters.

2. Synthetic

To begin with, synthetic media oil filters made of nylon, polyester, and glass. In contrast to cellulose media, they have a better working capacity. These oil filters best go with synthetic oils and trap even the smallest particles of dirt. Additionally, these media filters have a range of 5,000 to 6,000 miles before replacement. 

3. Micro-Glass

Lastly, Micro glass media is generally for high-performance oil filters. Although, these media filters are super expensive. But it holds tiny particles of dirt, carbon, and all other contaminations. Its average range is 10,000 miles before replacement. In conclusion, this high capacity working performance made it 10 times better than cellulose media oil filters.

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